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my reviews on

 'Mammals in Motion' class trip to the Bronx Zoo

I teach several undergraduate courses in the Department of Anthropology at Stony Brook University:

    ANP 120.01 Introduction to Biological Anthropology

    ANP 120.30 Introduction to Biological Anthropology online*

    ANP 404 Human Osteology

    ANP 410 Comparative Primate Anatomy*

And, a first year seminar through the Science

and Society Undergraduate College:

    SSO 102.15 Mammals in Motion*

I also teach the following IDPAS graduate courses:

    DPA/ANT 565 Human Evolution


    DPA/ANT 591 Professional Skills in the Anthropological

Sciences I (with Andreas Koenig)*

    DPA/ANT 592 Professional Skills in the Anthropological

Sciences II (with Andreas Koenig)*

    click any icon to preview course syllabus (coming soon!)

*  indicates course developed since appointment

updated August 2019