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Fall 2018

Fall 2018 was a busy research semester for everyone in the lab!

Anna collects tail data at the AMNH

- Undergraduates Penney and Anna began their Senior Honors Theses, with Anna focusing on the functional morphology of chevron bones in mammals, and Penney focusing on a 3D analysis of sacroiliac joint topography. Conference abstracts related to the preliminary findings of their research have been accepted for presentations at the 2019 American Association of Physical Anthropologists, which will be held in Cleveland OH in March.

D'Arcy's 2nd author Anatomical Record manuscript

- Research on the response of the axial skeleton to bipedal loading behaviors in rodents by former lab member (now across the street in the SBU medical school) D'Arcy Marsh, along with Dr. Russo, was published in the Anatomical Record.

- Undergraduates Jordan Guerra and Kaitlin Farrell graduated. Congratulations Jordan and Kaitlin!!! Both will be sorely missed in the lab :(

Jordan and Kaitlin graduate!

- Though we are saying goodbye to Jordan and Kaitlin, we also welcomed new lab member Mehar Bharatiya to the lab. You can view her profile on the lab members page. Welcome Maya!

Lydia in the Turkana Basin

​​- Lydia Myers returned from her summer of field work in the Turkana Basin, where she was working with Dr. Lisa Hildebrand on archaeological data collection. For this work she was awarded URECA Researcher of the Month (9/2018). While she continues her archaeological research, Lydia has began outlining ideas for a senior honors thesis on bone functional adaptation in the FML.

- Finally, the FML returned to Ms. Susan Monahan's AP Biology class at Riverhead Highschool where we presented our outreach activity Becoming Bipedal.

Maya helps students compare chimpanzee, human, and Australopithecus crania

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