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Spring 2022

The FML mourns the loss of friends and paleoanthropologists Drs. Richard Leakey and Isaiah Nengo. More can be read on the lives of Drs. Leakey and Nengo in this SBU tribute. Dr. Nengo served as co-Director of the Napudet Research Project, and he was passionately dedicated to his work. The Napudet Research Project is grateful for his leadership, generosity, and inspiration, and we will warmly and fondly remember his contributions to our lives, the lives of his students and other collaborators, and the fields of paleontology and paleoanthropology, as we honor and carry on his legacy at Napudet.

Above: Drs. Russo (left) and Nengo (right) discover fossils together at Napudet, West Turkana, Kenya.


Sydney McGregor completed her Human Evolutionary Biology Senior Honors Thesis titled "Degree of Lumbar Lordosis Across Age and Sex Using a Modified Surface Landmarking Method," co-advised by IDPAS student Abigail Nishimura and Dr. Russo. Sydney presented her thesis at the SBU Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Symposium. In addition to her exceptional thesis work, Sydney's overall academic excellence, leadership, and community service was recognized by SUNY, which awarded her an extremely prestigious Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence. This award is SUNY's highest for student recognizing student excellence and leadership. Click here to see Sydney featured in SBU News. Sydney also earned the Spring 2022 Human Evolutionary Biology Outstanding Student Award. Congratulations Sydney on all your achievements! 🥳

Above: Sydney presents her thesis work at the SBU URECA symposium.

Sydney (right) receives the Human Evolutionary Biology Outstanding Student Award, presented by Dr. Russo (left).

Above: Sydney's thesis was co-advised by IDPAS student Abigail Nishimura. Above, Sydney and Abi celebrate Sydney's Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence at a SBU luncheon.


IDPAS student Daphne Hudson presented part of her thesis work at the American Association of Anatomists meeting in Philadelphia. She was awarded a Student Travel Award to attend the conference. Congrats Daphne!


Masters student Tim Fry was awarded a Wiley Publishing Grant - Congrats Tim!


IDPAS student Abi Nishimura was awarded 2nd place for the Graduate Student Employee of the Year Award - Congrats Abi!

Abi (far right) celebrates at the awards ceremony


IDPAS student Sarah Mincer won the 2021 Norman Creel Prize for Outstanding Student Research in Anatomical Sciences for her paper entitled “Investigating the effects of compound paralogous EPHB receptor mutations on mouse facial development"! Go Sarah! Her paper was published in Developmental Dynamics. Clicking the paper title below will bring you to the article at the journal website.


The lab also welcome Mason Hintermeister. Mason is majoring in Human Evolutionary Biology and Anthropology with a specialization in Anthropological Field Methods.He is working with Dr. Russo and Tim on researching small-bodied primates from the Miocene of Kenya.

Welcome Mason!


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