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Spring and Fall 2021

In Spring 2021, we said goodbye to Maya Bharatiya as she graduated, having completed her senior honors thesis "The Functional Morphology of the Zygomatic Arch in Primates." Maya is continuing her studies at Griffith University working under Tanya Smith. Before departing, Maya was awarding the Outstanding Student Award in the Department of Anthropology at SBU. Congratulations Maya, and best of luck in Australia! 🥳

We also said goodbye to Zacchariah Apolito as he was accepted into a doctoral program at University of Buffalo to work with Nicholas Holowka. Good luck Zacchariah!

In Fall 2021, Dr. Russo was on leave after earning tenure in the Department of Anthropology (phew!). Even though Dr. Russo was on leave, we welcomed two new lab members.

Tim Fry joins the lab as a Masters student studying vertebrate paleontology and catarrhine primate locomotion. He has conducted paleontological field work in both North America and Kenya. His MA thesis will be on lumbar vertebral functional and evolutionary anatomy in cercopithecoids. Welcome Tim!

Madelyn Wachnuik. Madelyn is a Human Evolutionary Biology major, minoring in Chemistry and Leadership Development. Madelyn will be working with Dr. Russo and Abigail on a project concerning the functional and evolutionary anatomy of the ulna. Welcome Madelyn!

IDPAS doctoral student Sarah Mincer presented a poster/mini-talk at the at the Society for Craniofacial Genetics and Developmental Biology virtual conference October 19, 2021. Her was titled "The effects of EPHRIN-B1 on palatal shelf morphogenesis in mice" - two key slides from her talk are below. Additionally, a manuscript of hers on a related topic "Investigating the effects of compound paralogous EPHB receptor mutations on mouse facial development" was just accepted for publication! Congrats Sarah!


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