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Spring 2016

Seven SBU undergraduates worked in the lab this semester (Spring 2016) on various projects - they were a busy group!

Four undergraduates - D'Arcy Marsh, Christina Chan, Jordan Guerra, and Tara Galusha - presented FML research projects at the annual URECA (Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities) Celebration symposium on campus. Check out their pictures below.

We are also excited to soon be welcoming two new graduate students, starting Fall 2016!

Jordan Guerra explains the project to Fred Grine (Anthropology Department chair).
D'Arcy Marsh (17', Anthropology major, Biology minor) presenting her poster "Bipedal Bootcamp: insights into the evolution of bipedal adaptations in the modern human spine using a rodent model".

Christina Chan (center; '17 Health Science Major and Anthropology Minor), Jordan Guerra (left; '18, Anthropology and Human Evolutionary Biology major) and Tara Galusha (right; '16 Anthropology and Psychology major) presenting their work on: "Foramen Magnum Orientation: An examination of its relationship with variation in neck and body posture and brain size".

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