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Spring 2018

We are delighted to share lots of new developments in the FML as of Spring 2018!

First, we updated our website - please check it out! Included in the updates is Dr. Russo's recent collaboration, with Dr. Isaiah Nengo, on the Napudet Research Project in South Turkwel, Turkana Basin, Kenya.

Abi takes an experimental approach to understanding neck mobility

Second, congratulations are owed to Abi (left) for her Leakey Foundation funding for her dissertation research on the macroevolution and functional morphology of mammalian cervical vertebral functional morphology. During the Spring 2018 semester, Abi also served as one of the lead instructors for the Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) Anatomy course at Stony Brook University. The STEP program exposes local high school students from under-represented groups to STEM fields. The cadaver-based anatomy course provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about anatomical systems in a hands-on laboratory environment. The following link has more information about the SBU STEP program:

Undergraduate Penney Miyan also received funding from SBU Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URECA) for her summer research concerning a 3D analysis of sacroiliac joint topography. Congratulations Penney and Abi!

Sarah with her poster on tail macroevolution

All three FML IDPAS graduate students gave stellar presentations

at the annual AAPA meetings in Austin, TX. Sarah presented her latest research on the macroevolution of mammalian tail morphological diversity; Abi presented her research on cervical vertebral functional morphology in relation to gouging in primates; and Daphne presented research from her time at U Indy on sexual dimorphism and regional variation in modern human pelvis and pectoral girdles. Congrats FML members!

Abi with her post on cervical vertebral functional morphology

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