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Fall 2016

The fall semester is off to a great start for the FML! We have three new lab members, including IDPAS students Daphne Hudson and Sarah Mincer, and SBU undergraduate Anna Zavodszky ('19; Anthropology major, Biochemistry minor).

In October, Daphne, Sarah, Anna, and Abigail Nishimura (3rd year IDPAS student) student put together an activity to accompany a talk given by Dr. Russo at Riverhead High School to Susan Monahan's AP Biology class. The activity "Becoming Bipedal" allowed students to compare bones from modern humans, chimpanzees, and extinct hominins to see "what it takes" to be bipedal (walk on two legs). Some of their creative activities included morphing Play doh models of chimpanzee pelves into human pelves, tracing footprints, measuring cranial volume, and drawing hind limb bones. Pictures from our visit to this high school class are below. You can also visit the Riverhead High School webpage here for additional coverage.

Educators or organizations interested in learning more about FML outreach activities should contact our graduate student outreach coordinater Daphne Hudson at daphne.hudson at stonybrook dot edu.

Dr. Russo explaining brain size in extinct early hominins

Abi Nishimura (IDPAS, 3rd year) helps the students build play doh models of human and chimpanzee pelves

Sarah Mincer (IDPAS, 1st year) explains differences in knee morphology between humans and chimpanzees

Anna Zavodszky (SBU undergraduate, '19) describes differences in foot morphology between humans and chimpanzees

Daphne Hudson (1st year) explains how foramen magnum position can be used as an indicator of locomotion

Students recieved stretchy human skeletons as our way of saying "Thanks for having us!"

The FML team - photo credit Sandra Kolbo.

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